Up keeping my Etsy

As of this moment my etsy account is LilliyOfTheValley however I am in the process of coming up with a better name to describe me and what I sell. Also I am working on making goals and projects for my shop.

My goals so far are:
1. Make my shop appearance better.
2. List 25 items for sale in my shop by the end of April.
3. Check my shop daily.
4. Make at least one new item per week.
5. Have 100 items listed by the end of August.
6. In 3 years I would like to be making $100,000 per year just from etsy!

I need to keep up on posting on my blog a few times a week too or at least once a week.
My blog goals are:
1. Read 10 blogs and comment on each of them.
2. Write something at least once a week.
3. Always add at least one photo on every post.
4. Stick to it!




To be a nurse or not to be a nurse?

So I have been debating on going to school to become an RN (Registered Nurse) but then I always end up deciding not to go back to school. I am already a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and I love my job most of the time. So my excuse for not going to school is that my husband is majoring in computer science and once he is done with school I would really love to move back to Evanston Wyoming or somewhere close in Utah and James only has three years left. Also I want to be able to homeschool my kids and I can already work as needed as a CNA and be able to stay at home with the kids more so I feel as though it would not be worth my money. Comment what you think would be best for me I’m kinda stuck.

4th day being free from depression! :)

Four days ago I decided I didn’t want to be depressed anymore and decided to get dressed up (do my hair and makeup.) If you look good you will feel good if you look bad you will feel bad, at least that’s kinda the case with me. Today I was told by a co worker that she is proud of me because I look a lot better and seem happier. She showed her boyfriend a picture of me before I dumped depression and one now and he told her to tell me good job too. I can’t believe how much a stupid mental illness like depression can take over you life like and abusive relationship.



The first picture is me today an the second picture is me about 2 weeks ago. Big difference!

So what made me decide to dump depression?
Well I got into a big fight with my mom because I was being ornery and she told me that I should have stayed in bed so I blew up on her about how I would love to stay in bed and I have to fight myself to get out of bed and told her how she doesn’t understand it at all which she doesn’t but then she told me I needed to change my attitude and I thought about that for quite a few days and then I let someone get to me so I decided to change my life and be a happier better person! 🙂

A little about me.

Hello everyone! My name is Heather Sitz I am 19 years old I have two kids a three and a half year old daughter named Lilliy, a one year old son named Jazen, and a husband whose name is James. My perfectly imperfect little family. I am currently working as a Certified Nursing Assistant and I absolutely love my job. In my spare time I enjoy crocheting, drawing, painting, Playing with my kids and husband and sometimes making clay decorations. I Have always loved to write and am glad I decided to start a blog today! I am hoping to post at least once a week and possibly once a day Let me know what you would like me to post about and I will be happy to blog about It as best I can. Keep in mind I am new at this and am hoping to catch on fairly quickly!