Four days ago I decided I didn’t want to be depressed anymore and decided to get dressed up (do my hair and makeup.) If you look good you will feel good if you look bad you will feel bad, at least that’s kinda the case with me. Today I was told by a co worker that she is proud of me because I look a lot better and seem happier. She showed her boyfriend a picture of me before I dumped depression and one now and he told her to tell me good job too. I can’t believe how much a stupid mental illness like depression can take over you life like and abusive relationship.



The first picture is me today an the second picture is me about 2 weeks ago. Big difference!

So what made me decide to dump depression?
Well I got into a big fight with my mom because I was being ornery and she told me that I should have stayed in bed so I blew up on her about how I would love to stay in bed and I have to fight myself to get out of bed and told her how she doesn’t understand it at all which she doesn’t but then she told me I needed to change my attitude and I thought about that for quite a few days and then I let someone get to me so I decided to change my life and be a happier better person! 🙂