As of this moment my etsy account is LilliyOfTheValley however I am in the process of coming up with a better name to describe me and what I sell. Also I am working on making goals and projects for my shop.

My goals so far are:
1. Make my shop appearance better.
2. List 25 items for sale in my shop by the end of April.
3. Check my shop daily.
4. Make at least one new item per week.
5. Have 100 items listed by the end of August.
6. In 3 years I would like to be making $100,000 per year just from etsy!

I need to keep up on posting on my blog a few times a week too or at least once a week.
My blog goals are:
1. Read 10 blogs and comment on each of them.
2. Write something at least once a week.
3. Always add at least one photo on every post.
4. Stick to it!